How Thanksgiving Will Be Different

Apparently I am the one who demands all of the delicious food at my family’s Thanksgiving.  Because this year, I am a minion at my new job and cannot make it home, and you know what they’re having.  Mashed potatoes and turkey.  And that’s basically it.  You know, my mom might make some rolls.  They’ll probably be a pie, if somebody else picks it up this year.

Along with the pie, here are some well-cherished Thanksgiving traditions that will be lacking without my guidance:

My siblings will be able to play both video games and piano without my neediness insisting that they allow me to exercise my ability to suck at both activities.  They will, however, miss the musical education that is me playing whatever playlist I’m currently stuck on for hours on end.

My cat will not get a bath.

My parents (who are uber supportive and very much loved) cannot be mildly bothered by my latest “gay” apparel, which in this case is a hat reading “Make the Yuletide Gay.”  (Don’t worry, I will wear it for all of Christmas.)

I will miss whatever Eric is thankful for this year (which is rarely appropriate).

I will not be able to give my sister the matching underwear I bought for the two of us.

The motto of Thanksgiving will not be, “Thanksgiving 2012: Our Farts Never Smelled Better” as I may have insisted it be were I there.


4 thoughts on “How Thanksgiving Will Be Different

  1. OH MY GOSH YOU GOT US MATCHING UNDIES?!?!? What is it with us and underwear and the interent?!? Will you give it to me on Friday? Can we parade around your apartment wearing only matching undies and t-shirts?!

    For the record, I’m insisting on stuffing and french silk pie. For your sake. And for my belly.

    Since we are having Tom & Kelly over for dinner I am very excited to see what Eric will be thankful for this year. I will be sure to update you via text on all the afternoon’s events.

    Also, because Tom & Kelly will be here, Eric will not play piano with me, and Tom hates playing piano with me, and I won’t have you to play piano with while Eric and Tom entertain each other. So it’s going to be really really sad. Also I dunno if Kelly plays games or anything and the parents probably want Family Time so my plan is just to drink too much wine before dinner so that even sitting around feeling uncomfortable ends up being at least mildly entertaining.

    I refuse to accept your motto, but I can drown your cat for you if you want.

  2. Old habits never die. The sweet potato casserole and cranberry jello are ready to go. Also have a new salad recipe for this year – arugula and beets with a cranberry vinaigrette. Yumm!

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