How Academia Can Deplete Common Sense

Here is a convo with my BFF*, Brian.


Brian: Also, there is a “scientific” personality/HP** house sorting test online that I just found
Me: Yeah whatever I always get Ravenclaw no matter what.  Also my phone knows about that word.  It’s a sign.
Brian: Bahahahaha, it probably also knows the rest… And this questionnaire is 120 questions long!  It’s my break from studying..
Me: Why don’t you just join pottermore?
Brian: Because this is a one time thing.  Also, I know nothing about pottermore other than it exists
Me: I have been on pottermore one time so your argument is invalid.
Brian: Don’t you have to register and shit though?  I hate doing stuff like that


* Except for HP, because, you know, me and HP go waaaay back.

** In a previous post, I used the abbreviation HP to mean “Harry Potter” – obviously – and my dad commented that he was confused because he thought it meant Hewlett-Packard.  Brian confessed to the same confusion.  Just not on the internet.  Until now.


One thought on “How Academia Can Deplete Common Sense

  1. I took it because I don’t remember very much about Harry Potter and I got 81 points in Ravenclaw, 72 points in Hufflepuff, 65 points in Slytherin, and 55 points in Gryffindor. I don’t even know what an appropriate reaction would be.
    But my life does depend on registering for shit.

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