Why I Tolerate the Internet

I know, I know, that’s an awfully presumptuous title for a blog post.

But seriously, sometimes the internet gets to me.  I mean, it’s kind of daunting how quickly it’s completely overthrown everything.

Other times, however, — ok, fine: most times — I am rather fond of the internet.

Here are some of my favorite things from the internet this week:

You guys.  I love lyric videos.  It’s kind of like the grown up version of those tapes we nineties kids had that let you follow along in a book by chiming at the end of each page.  Also, Tegan and Sara.

…lesbian transition…

Do y’all know about everyoneisgay.com?  Because if you are a young person or a person that regularly interacts with young people or just a person that enjoys other funny people, you should.  Also, this*:

*You guys, the internet is not cooperating with me this morning. I’ve spent almost an hour trying to get that video to start at 3:52, and my code is totally absolutely correct. Somebody’s API is messed up. Anyway, the second half is the part I think is hilarious.

That initial answer, about the cats getting along — all around stellar.  And possibly so, so true.

Finally, there’s this blog post from my sister, that I didn’t see for a few days:

A Note From Megan

So, you know, the internet is sometimes a-okay.


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