How to Fake Christmas

This year, Christmas cost fourteen dollars. The decorating part at least.

The apartment complex put lights outside for us, but inside we really have no use for a tree. I am a hundred and twelve percent a suburbs kid. This means I know absolutely nothing about real trees, but hand me any artificial tree you can find and I can assemble, fluff up, and light that baby, no problem.

But a full-sized tree would be pointless in our apartment. And what would I do with a three foot tree except store it forever, not knowing how to get rid of it?

Solution: a string of tinsel and a pack of filler ornaments from Target.


Just enough holiday cheer to remind you that your paychecks have already been spent this month!


The best part, however, is Christmas tetherball.  I had one left over brightly colored plastic ornament, and no better place to hang it than on the end of the string that turns on the overhead light in our kitchen.  Sometimes I just stand in there and bat it around without noticing how much time has passed.

So yep, ten minutes after the decorating started, our halls have been officially decked out for the holidays.



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