Why I’m Dehydrated, Part 2

Both our coffee machine and our ice machine at work broke in the same week.  This was close to a month ago.  This essentially meant no water-based drinks for anybody.  The ice machine also had cold water; the coffee machine also had hot water.

Last week, the coffee machine finally got replaced.  (The ice machine has a note on it that says the new one will be here late Dec / early January.  What gives?)  There is a very important difference about this new coffee machine:


Why does the world want me to drink coffee so badly?

One thought on “Why I’m Dehydrated, Part 2

  1. DON’T GIVE IN (although i hear if you drink black decaf it actually is kind of good for you cause no caffeine but it has antioxidants and stuff. but who wants that?!?!?)

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