How Squirrels Are Taking Over My (The?) World

I moved into my first apartment in June with a friend of mine from school.  The apartment is a pretty solid first place — close to a lot of stuff, actually a townhouse and quite spacious, and in a pretty cute ivy-covered building.

The first squirrel tried to move in about a month later.  It chewed its way in next to my roommate’s window air conditioning unit and started to build a nest in the window sill.

This happened on a Friday, so nothing could be done about it until Monday.  Accordingly, we boarded the squirrel into the window (and thus out of our apartment) with cookie sheets and duct tape.


Makeshift squirrel barricade

Once we finally got the squirrel out of the window (the battle stretched over several weeks), the squirrels were mostly harmless for a long stretch going into the fall.  Once, I thought I saw a dead squirrel in the grass, because it was lying very awkwardly and very still, but when I came back later, it was gone.

Two weeks before Halloween, however, the squirrels resurfaced with a vengeance.  Not that they had ever really disappeared, but we had at least coexisted peacefully for some time.

The squirrels ate all of our pumpkins.  Now we have several abnormally fat squirrels scurrying about.  Also, our neighbors fancy themselves funny:


Ok, they are a little bit funny.

Now that the leaves have fallen, I’ve found the squirrel nest.  Turns out they are right outside my window.  Taunting me.


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