Why Nobody Can Understand Me, Part 2

I like to say a lot of things that make me sound like an idiot.  That’s only a side-effect though, not why I say them.

Here are some examples:

– “Ready, Freddy?”
– “Tail end,” as in “I’m on the tail end of a bad cold.”
– “Y’all” or better yet, “w’all” (we all)
– “Awesome Possum”
– “Sincere-iously” (sin-seriously)

Also, my internal monologue:

Ugh.  I should do the dishes.  Am I still hungry?  Look at all of the dishes.  Oh my god!  We still have pie.  I want pie.  I should do the dishes first.  Are you sure?  Yeah, I’m sure.  If you do the dishes, then you can take your pie upstairs and do whatever you want with it.  …Which would be eat it.  What I want to do with my pie in my bedroom by myself is eat it.  Stop talking out loud.


One thought on “Why Nobody Can Understand Me, Part 2

  1. I have the same problem…I say “Ready Freddy?”, “Home again, Home again, Jiggidy Jig” “Jeepers Creepers”, “Shiznitz!”, “I’m Fix’n to go to the store”, and “Good to go, jelly bean?” …I don’t understand what isn’t clear about any of that to be honest! 🙂

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