How to Get to Neverland

I have figured out the secret to being a kid forever, and let me tell you, it is super simple.  No arduous quests for the fountain of youth, no decaying portraits in the attic — no, the secret to retaining your youthful days forever comes in a box and costs less than five dollars…


The day you stop loving Shape Mac & Cheese is the day your childhood dies.


I was reminded of this today when I received a package at work.  An internal, from-somewhere-else-in-the-company package.  From my college roommate, who works at the same company.  In college, we figured out how to make Mac & Cheese in her hot water heater, meaning we could make it whenever we wanted without having to leave the comfort of our overcrowded dorm room.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves, and rightly so.  Mac & Cheese is just about the ultimate comfort food, and on top of that, something about eating it in cartoon noodle form makes it not only taste better, but also makes the whole world shine just a little brighter like it did when you were seven.



Sometimes, you have goals in life, like “figure out how to be an adult without it killing me,” and sometimes, people have your back when it comes to meeting those goals.


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