Why Ash Ketchum Just Might Know a Thing or Two

At work last week, two of my co-workers were talking about how they got set up for Supportal, which happens to be yet another support portal for some tool or another.  Actually, I just googled it, and it looks like there might be multiple supportals out there in the interwebs.  Weird.

Anyway, I thought they said Squirtle.  You know, that water-squirting turtle thing that spends most of its life in an impossibly small ball on Ash Ketchum’s belt:

Yet another Pokemon that evolves into something much uglier than its original form

Actually, it was Misty’s, wasn’t it?  Whatever.


My co-workers, however, did not know what Squirtle was.  This is what they assumed squirtle to be:

A squirrel-turtle hybrid

A squirrel-turtle hybrid


How can you possibly survive in this world without having memorized at least 150 made up creatures that spend most of their lives fighting those stupid ratatas and zubats and wasting yours?


3 thoughts on “Why Ash Ketchum Just Might Know a Thing or Two

  1. That squirrel-turtle hybrid kind of totally looks like Squirtle. Also I immediately like people less when I find out they haven’t wasted hundreds to thousands of hours of their lives playing Pokemon. It’s easier to bond with someone who at least recognizes what I’m singing when I get the songs from the 2BA Master CD stuck in my head.

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