(Yet Another Reason) Why Our Sex-Ed System Needs Overhauling

Here’s something that pisses me off:

Scene: Doctor’s visit, in the exam room, with either a nurse or the doctor themselves.  We are going through the normal questions — are you on any medications? etc.

Doctor: Are you sexually active?

Me: Yes.

[Dude.  My parents and like neighbors and stuff read this blog.  …Yeah, guys, I get some.  Owned.]

Doctor: Any chance you could be pregnant?

Me: No.

Doctor looks up at me with a ‘quizzical’ look that is barely disguising their “Are you an effing moron?” thought.

Me: I’m gay.

Doctor: Oh.

Me, mentally, as I watch them cross out the next few questions about practicing safe sex and skip to the next section: Are you an effing moron?

Y’all ready for my soapbox?

It’s really more of a bottle.

Because here’s the thing, you guys: Safe sex in same-sex encounters, including between women, exists, and it matters.  So what if I’m not going to get pregnant?  There are a gazillion other cooties out there that I don’t need sliding over into my holy temple (let alone secret fortress – yeah, I went there), thank you very much.

The gay-est explanation of STDs I could find.

I was lucky.  I did have sex-ed in school.  It was abstinence-only through middle school, and then “comprehensive” in 10th grade.  I recognize that out in the real world, this put me and my buddies leagues ahead of some of my peers.

Not that I ever heard the word “gay” in that class, as I filled in crosswords with various forms of birth control.  Which is ridiculous given that regardless of if you lean high or low, a statistically significant number of people in that class will* have a same-sex encounter.

*I mean, they probably already have.  We made it through college.

Thank goodness for the internet.  Because a quick google search just for “safe lesbian sex” shows you that it does exist: here and here and here and here, just for starters.  And an image search for “gay kittens” gives you this:

-Wait! Do you have a dental dam? -No, but I have some saran, we’re cool.


4 thoughts on “(Yet Another Reason) Why Our Sex-Ed System Needs Overhauling

  1. At my lady parts doctor, they ask you your sexual orientation BEFORE they ask you if you’re sexually active or could be pregnant. But I dunno if they talk to the gaybeans about safe sex or not.

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