Why “Hot and Dangerous” is a Good Theme for Anything

Last spring, a bunch of us went out for my friend Gwen’s bachelorette party, and the theme was “Hot and Dangerous” — you know, like in the Ke$ha song.  Because it was a bachelorette party!  Ke$ha does have a place in this world, and it is definitely that of 20-somethings going out on a Friday night to locations in which girls drink free.


Anyway, “Hot and Dangerous” had the potential to be a struggle for me and my rural-liberal-arts-school plus t-shirt-and-jeans with just-a-dash-of-lesbian wardrobe.  So I borrowed a dress from my then-girlfriend (who had a roughly similar wardrobe, but an older sister occasionally passing things a little more hopeful down).  This – a second wardrobe to select from – is one of the few perks of girl-girl relationships that the world grants us in attempt to make up for all the legal and societal shit it passes our way, accompanied by a gigantic male gaze.  But as far as perks go, it’s a nice one.  It’s one of my favorites, aside from the whole stubble-free kisses thing.


Recently, I went out and bought the exact same Hot and Dangerous dress for myself, because you know what?  “Hot and Dangerous” seems like a good theme for my life right about now.  I am 23, single, and now a city-dweller.  Plus, I make a lot of casseroles and can be rather clumsy.




2 thoughts on “Why “Hot and Dangerous” is a Good Theme for Anything

  1. Is there a way you can add a “share this” button for google+? I feel like your WordPress is hating on google. Probably don’t like Blogger.

    Careful with the casseroles.

    p.s. Don’t you mean “hot dish”?

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