How to Make the Best Food in the World

At my college of choice, a magical little place in rural Minnesota with a striking resemblance to Hogwarts, I learned what my favorite food in the world is.  Our caf service (consistently ranked in the top five college cafs yearly, by the way) dubbed it “Gado gado” but if you google “gado gado” it looks like that generally refers to a cold sliced up vegetables style salad with a peanut sauce.  Gado Gado in our Grains line meant curried vegetables with a peanut sauce and then some other cold things on top.

After much research and experimentation, I have figured out how to recreate this experience.  Here we go…

How to Make the Food of Your Dreams

Curried vegetables:
Roughly follow this recipe.
Except very roughly, because the correct vegetables for Gado Gado are carrots, cauliflower, green beans, and potatoes.  And the recipe will still totally work if you buy everything frozen.  And don’t have lime juice.  And there’s no cilantro in Gado Gado.  Really, the key to this is getting a good curry powder.  And not forgetting the tomato paste.


Also, that particular kitchen utensil is superior to all others. Perhaps I will write about that sometime.

Peanut sauce:

Go with this recipe, which, you will note, tells you to experiment anyway, so do that.

Gado Gado is served with the curried vegetables warm, topped with the peanut sauce warm, topped with the following things cold:
– Chopped cucumbers
– Chopped tomatoes
– Fried onions like it’s a green bean casserole
– Crumbled hard boiled egg




Unfortunately, when made at home, one still has to do the dishes.


One thought on “How to Make the Best Food in the World

  1. I love gado gado so much. I will definitely attempt to make it now that you have found and modified recipes to imitate the gado gado I know. And yes, super spatula is the best kitchen utensil ever.

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