How to be a Super Awesome Spy

This is one of those conversations that had multiple threads in it, so I tried to edit it down to just the relevant parts.

Brian: If you were to go by any alias, what would your name be?

Me: Is this for siri?

Brian: Haha, no, just because.  You’re still my BFF for Siri *

Brian: …And for life, I mean…

Me: Instead of my name or really an alias like if I was a super awesome spy?

Brian: Like if you had to go by it for a significant portion of your life or with a group of people.

Brian: Also, this should be a blog post.  Who said I never give you blog material?!?

Me: Well some suggestions would be even better blog material

Me: Also also, your definition of alias sounds a lot like a nickname.

Brian: Well, maybe, but aliases are usually implying a separate life.  Like a spy or a thief or something.

Me: I see no suggestions.

Me: I think you should go by captain feather pants

Brian: I’m definitely not captain feather pants… This has to be a real name..

Me: Whatever you say, captain feather pants.

I still have seen no suggestions.

*Brian can tell Siri, “Text my BFF” and Siri texts ME.  It is awesome.  Except technically Brian says “best friend” because Siri has trouble with be-eff-eff, but that might be because Brian’s from Kansas or something.


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