How to Organize Your Closet

It’s come to my attention that part of being an adult is owning the basically the same wardrobe several times over in slightly different sizes.  As such, I was bra shopping this weekend.

When it was time to check out, there was only one register open, manned by some poor high school boy.  There was a point at which taking my two bras to this register would have embarrassed me more than him, but that point is over.  Now, I just wished I also had a few pairs of lacy underwear in tow.

Anyway, he did pretty well.  He did not turn any funny colors.  Of course, he also did not make eye contact.  He did, however, ask me if I wanted the hangers.

Which was his downfall.  Because on the one hand, the hangers are basically part of the product.  Manufacturers stick these cardboard things over them that spout witty advertising lines like, “Headlights are for cars!”  Thus, this question is a bit akin to buy a DVD and the cashier asking you if you want the plastic shrink-wrap — maybe not so much, but you’re kind of opening my thing.  On the other hand, no, nobody wants the hanger!  First of all, I’ve never encountered somebody that hangs their bras, but it certainly wouldn’t be with the little clear plastic thing that snaps way too easily if they did.  Secondly, and more importantly, the kind of hanger a bra is sold on is basically a Build-a-Bear hanger — it does not fit on anything and serves no purpose.

I told Matt, one year of service, that it really didn’t matter.  He took the hangers off.


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