How to Evaluate Sources

I have a presentation in my class this evening.  This weekend I was doing research for said presentation and came across an article talking about the webinars put on by the organization my presentation is about.  It was talking about how when their webinar program started in 2008, participation was $25 a computer, and you could put as many people in front of that computer as you want.  Additionally, at that time, the currency rate was such that the 25 US dollars translated to just 1 Canadian dollar.

Then it said, “It doesn’t take a math degree, or even an MLIS, to know that’s a good deal.”

You guys.  I have a math degree.  I am working on my MLIS.  In half a sentence, this article discredited my entire academic career.  …I picked a different source to use.


2 thoughts on “How to Evaluate Sources

  1. Canadian exchange has been close to 1:1 for a long time now. Maybe the authors should have checked with someone who has a math degree, or could at least look it up.

    • I think they were also referring to something earlier about putting 25 people in front of that same computer, but then I have no idea why Canadians have this better than the Americans. So yeah.

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