Why Learning to Count Matters

We are having another contest at work.  Enjoy!

It is official
DS will Celebrate Pi Day!
Bring some food to Share

Show off your talent
Enter the Haiku Contest
Must relate to Pi(e)

A P(Hai)Ku Contest?
Don’t know what a Haiku is?
Why not Google it?

Pi(Hai)Ku Entries due:
3:14 on 3/14 (that’s 3:14 am on March 14th, sent via email to me)
Voting until 1:14 (pm)

The results will
be announced around 3:14 (pm)
Good luck to you all!


PiKu will be fun!
May we submit multiple,
Or must we pick one?


Endless wit to share?
You may submit multiple
Why limit the fun!


Look at you two go!
With such clever opponents
How can I compete?


It’s nothing, really.
For me, the secret is to
Count with my fingers.

Once you’re in “the zone”
All your sentences will be
in Haiku format.

…I hope Pete is right.

Otherwise I may not get

to eat any pie.


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