How Quickly We Forget

In literal elevator-talk fashion (see, that was a correct use of ‘literal’ as we were actually in an elevator — now you know, so y’all can stop using ‘literal(ly)’ incorrectly), one of my co-workers asked me if I had had my car towed again lately.


I was oh-so-thankful (see, if I said “literally oh-so-thankful” that would have been wrong, because this is sarcasm, so nothing about this sentence is literal) that he brought this up, because I had officially dismissed my outrage of the November 2012 towing, and it came running back when called.


Somewhere in this conversation, he said, “Well, at least it probably added excitement to an otherwise boring week.”


To which I said, “I don’t remember if it was a boring week.  I could check my blog to find out.”


To which he said, “That’s the problem with technology.  It used to be that something was worth remembering if you remembered it.”


Good point.




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