Why Pyromania is Really Working for Me

Around Christmas, I told my roommate I wanted to be the kind of person that burned incense.  Neither one of us knew that my mom was actually going to put incense in my stocking, so that worked out well, but that’s not the point.

My roommate thought this was a bad idea.  Accordingly, she got me a diffuser thing:

Like this

Last night, I spilled my diffuser.  All over.  Down my bookcase, which it was sitting on.  The scent was Verbana Lemongrass, which by the way, smells awesome.  It is a good thing it smells awesome, because my whole room REEKS of it and likely will for a while.

On top of this, it turns out it dries kind of sticky when wiped up.  So I had to go after it with a cleaner.  Which also basically smells like lemons.

Seriously, I smell so citrus-y today.


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