Why My Ears are Bleeding

You know how when you’re really little, your parents’ music is cool because it’s the only music you know?  And then you start knowing more music (and most of it is silly and very, very happy, for a while there) and you’re like, Why would you listen to that crap?  Everything else is about me, why aren’t we listening to my music?  Then you realize that not only is it not your awesome music, your parents’ music actually sucks.


Then at some point you sort of accept it and then also there is some point where parts of it become cool.  In that sort of “retro” way.


That’s a lot of “then”s.


ANYWAY.  At work, I am slowly listening to all of my iPod on shuffle.  This has proven difficult, as I didn’t really think it out and do it in a way where I could track my progress, so to avoid losing my spot (now several hundred songs in), I can’t listen to anything else on my iPod, and charging it is complicated.  It cannot get reset.  It just cannot.


Listening to my whole iPod on shuffle is pretty interesting.  I have a music collection that usually satisfies and surprises everyone.  This is not to say the music I most enjoy surprises anyone.  I feel pretty stereotypical.  But if you look at everything I have overall, if you are looking for something, I probably have it, and I probably have something that will make you go, “Really?”


I also go, “Really?”


Every once and a while, something comes through on shuffle that is not just weird but very, very close to unbearable.  And Every. Single. Time. it is Pink Floyd.


Thanks a lot, Dad.




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