How to Make Good Money

This morning I am working from home so that I can go to a handful of apartment showings throughout the day.


At my first showing, the guy was doing his whole spiel and was like, “You have to make two and a half times what rent is monthly.”


And I was like, “That’ll be fine.”


And since I am a young person that had already divulged the basic details of my life (a year out of school, basically), he was like, “How much do you make?”


So I told him, and he was like, “DO YOU WANT TO BUY THE PLACE?”


Meaning the whole building.  As a joke.  But like, seriously man, just cuz I’m young doesn’t mean I’m broke.  I know ’bout computers.  People who know ’bout computers are paid what looks like ridiculous sums of money in some lights, but then when you think about it, you realize that unlike with sports, nobody else is willing to do the computer thing while everybody wants it, so I feel pretty justified.


Anyway, I finished that showing and went back home.  To work.  Where the VPN into work is down, and has been since I got up at 6 and tried to start working in my bed.  Every half an hour or so, I call the hotline that tells me that yep, it’s still down.  Forced personal day?  I think so.




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