How to Write a Letter

There is a lot out there about how to properly sign off a letter.  And how to goofily sign off a letter.  And let’s face it — email changes everything.  I am constantly stuck on this point of how to round things off while I write emails all day.  Do I use the bottom signature or write my name again separately?  If I didn’t ask them to do anything for me, is it still okay to use “Thanks,” as my sign-off?  Because I pretty much always feel like I’m supposed to use thanks.  Everything else feels awkward.


Here’s something I stand by, though:  Using “Best,” is essentially ridiculous.  Yeah, you can argue that it’s like wishing the other person “best” or whatever — but what does that even mean?  Best what?  Best Thanksgiving next year?  Best drive home?  BEST EMAIL EVER???


I prefer to read “Best,” signatures as titles.  This makes sense, because we fairly often use signatures to describe the signer or their method of signing (“Yours,” “Sincerely,” etc.)  So with “Best,” for example, if I write, “Best, Kelsey” it is pretty obvious that I am saying that I am the best.  At least the best Kelsey.  Possibly just plain old the Best.



One thought on “How to Write a Letter

  1. Love it. I tend to assume anyone who signs off with “Best” is actually super pissed at me, thanks to a certain TA who definitely was NOT wishing us the best of anything, ever. I used to use “Thanks!” no. matter. what. but it was getting a little ridiculous, so now I use the over-the-top “Thanks, and all the best” and take out the “thanks” if a monkey could tell I’m not thankful for anything.

    I have obviously thought about this waaaaay too much.

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