Parade Day: 90+ Degrees

Today Governor Dayton signs the Freedom to Marry act into law in Minnesota: I am real today.

That’s inaccurate — I am real every day.  Today, and yesterday, and Friday, the people that hold the power in Minnesota (well, the majority of them, anyway) recognized that I am real.  My reality will be validated today, and in a good way.  In a way that stands up to do something about it: 515 rights in the right direction.

Shortly after my sister and I started blogging, my mom talked about wanting to blog, and how she’d want to write about some of this gay stuff and how it has impacted our family and me and really made things tough at times.  She said she wouldn’t want me to read it because of this, which is silly, because I know as well as anybody what my end of puberty demotion to second-class citizenship has meant.  It has changed every single aspect of my life: being gay shouldn’t make a difference, which is another way of saying it does.

A year into my adult life, I know more people personally impacted by this law than I ever have before.  I know adult couples that don’t trip on the word “partner” after 5, 10, 20 years, and hold marriage licenses from other states or countries (Vancouver seems to be a popular wedding destination).  Queerspawn, the kids raised by same sex couples, are a growing staple in my classes and friend groups.  And there are my peers, fresh into adulthood, holding on to our Millenial sense of justice and equality, expecting to be right, and we are stubborn: we will be right.

But first, we will take a moment to celebrate.  Because despite everywhere we have to be quiet (at work, at school, at the supermarket, at the doctor’s, in the mall), we have spoken up, and most importantly, others have spoken up on our behalf.  So despite the sudden heat index spike, it’s time to take a breather and look at progress: time to party.


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