Today on My Pokeblog…

We got to talking about Pokemon at work today and how there are just like way to many of them now.


Personally, I think they should just make a “Pokemon Everything” version where it’s possible to get all the pokemon in the same, single game, and there’s like a whole world with all of these little towns from all the games.  And you get a bike to start out with.


Then they should be done.


Of course, that would deny a new generation the ability to add “Poke” to the beginning of anything to make it sound legit in the Pokemon world.


Seriously, this sounds legit:


I am a Pokelawyer who works at the Pokecapitol (approximately 30 Pokemiles from Palet Town).  I practice Pokelaw and make so much that I just bought a new house — it even has a Pokepool!



I want a Pokepool.  Presumably, it is like a normal pool, except in the shape of a weird imaginary creature, and similar weird imaginary creatures frequent it.



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