Simon in Wonderland

My early morning…


3:56 am: Cat meows.

3:57 am: I look at clock.

3:58-4:09 am: Cat continues to meow.

4:10 am: Get up.  Realize Simon is meowing at Mirror Cat.  Feed cat.  Go back to bed.

4:13 am: Cat meows.  A lot.

4:20 am: Hold cat.  Cat purrs.

4:21 am: Put cat on bed.  Coax into cozy polar fleece blanket bed.

4:22 am: Cat leaves as I go back to bed.

4:24 am: Cat meows.

4:25 am: I try the “Dude, shut up” approach.  Pillow over head.

4:30 am: Cat is still meowing.  I get up.  Realize he is still meowing at Mirror Cat.  Turn mirror around so he can’t see his reflection.

4:32 am: Cat starts meowing at back of mirror.

4:37 am: Pull cat into bed with me, under covers.  Cat is quiet but squirmy.

4:39 am: Cat escapes.  Cat goes back to meowing at the back of the mirror.

4:42 am: Get up.  Put mirror in closet.  Close closet door.

4:43 am: Cat paces, confused.

4:44 am: Cat sits, stares at mirror place on wall, and meows.

4:50 am: Try feeding cat again.  Offer treats.

4:51 am: Return to bed.

4:52 am: Cat returns to meowing at wall.

5:00 am: I get up.

Cat basically freaks out the whole time I am getting ready for the day, including almost climbing into the tub while the shower was running, until he got wet.  He is being the loudest cat ever and I am sure all the neighbors can hear him and I am also sure his thyroid is whacked because this is totally excessive vocalization.


I run a quick errand, because I was up so early.  When I get back, cat is sleeping in corner.  Realizes I’m home, strolls across room to cat bed, where he curls up.  Silently.





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