If Bunheads Gets Cancelled…

Last night (early this morning?)  I had a dream in which there was a new Gilmore Girls spin-off / reunion show of sorts.


Dream-Me accidentally stumbled across it on the internet.  The name of the show changed three or so times during the dream, and I don’t remember any of the names.  However, Dream-Me was consistently confused about the name of the show and tried to look it up on my dream-phone several times.


Upon finding the show on the web, Dream-Me immediately watched all available episodes, which was in the 2-5 range.  The opening scene involved a room with two futons, on opposite walls, on which Rory and Paris were sleeping (one on each).  It was early morning, and Paris had just woken up, and she was trying to wake up Rory before some loud noise thing happened.  Real-Me can’t remember what the loud noise thing was, but it totally made sense to Dream-Me, and apparently it happened every morning.  Anyway, Paris did not succeed, so the loud noise thing woke up Rory and she jumped.


Both Rory and Paris were married to respective guys, and all four of them lived in the same little studio apartment (I mean, it was a Dream-sized studio apartment — so like big, just no walls really separating things).  Rory was married to a Middle Eastern guy.  Dream-Me didn’t seem to notice that the boys must have slept elsewhere, as they were not in this opening scene.  Paris and both husbands had jobs.  Rory did not.  This may or may not have been the premise of the show.


The rest of the show has evaporated like dreams often do, but I know Dream-Me watched it all and the next episode was in a few days, and Dream-Me was psyched.


The rest of the dream consisted of Dream-Me trying to catch multiple buses (they were school buses, but ran like city buses) that various friends were on, and then, while on the bus, explaining to them how awesome this new show was (while stumbling over its name).


Here are some things Dream-Me said to my Dream-Friends (at least one of whom was Dream-Brian, but the rest are foggy now):

– It’s like everyone is resurfacing!  Except Lauren Graham.  I wonder if they’ll replace her.  I can’t wait for Kirk!

– I wish somebody on this show was a lesbian.

– This show is like Gilmore Girls meets South Park — it is still fast and witty and overall feel-good, but it is a lot ruder.

– It’s a little disappointing that Rory is like thirty and living in a tiny apartment with three other people.  I mean, she was supposed to come to something.  But it still feels real.  And I don’t care, as long as Gilmore Girls is back!


And then somewhere on the bus ride, where Brian was not as psyched as me, but gaining some enthusiasm, I woke up.



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