Some Poor Sucker is Willing to Pay For This

So it turns out cats can get asthma.  Feline asthma.  It’s a thing.  My old man (not my dad, my 13 yr old cat) recently got diagnosed, and I gotta say, given his coughing fits and how stereotypical it turns out they are, I can’t believe it took this long for a vet to clue in (we’ve been to several).  It took some x-rays ($$$) to figure this out, but given the fact that he’s had some pretty major relief since then and I just might love him more than life itself, it was totally worth it.

Simon takes some pills to keep his asthma under control.  He is a relatively easy cat to pill, and the pills are significantly cheaper than the other alternative: a cat inhaler.

Oh yes, they make those.

Fritz the Brave (who ironically looks like the hypothetical love child of my two cats) has a whole website dedicated to his asthma, including a gallery illustrating how he gets his inhaler.

Or you can watch Emerald purr through her inhaler on youtube:

Simon is not lucky enough to have an inhaler.  Or maybe I am just not crazy enough to get him one.

No worries, he is spoiled in all other regards.


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