Mmmm… Peanut Butter

I recently quit my job.  13 days ago, in fact.  Tomorrow is my last day.  To commemorate that, here is a gem of a post-4 pm IM conversation.


Me: <quote about SharePoint 2013 finally letting you copy/paste into rich text editors>


Friend: but.  no design tab on SPD.

Me: but copy paste

Me: it’s like they’ve embraced 10 years ago

Friend: look at these NEW FEATURES

Friend: oh and we heard that ‘apps’ was a cool word, so we started calling everything an ‘app’

Me: it already was apps

Me; except we said applications

Me: which is way more intimidating

Friend: yeah, that’s too technical for a business user

Friend: they can’t think of how an application could work.  but an app… they’ve got ideas there

Friend: do you happen to have that friend

Friend: who always has a cool mobile app idea

Firend: and wants you to help them

Me: I am that friend

Friend: I feel like you’re not exactly that friend… you might actually have a legitimate idea

Me: yeah but i don’t want to do it myself

Friend: my friends are like ‘we should make an app for text books for students’

Me; your friends sound boring

Friend: And I’m like… you mean.. like the thing that’s already been done.  by a team of people. who are way better at what they do than me?

Me: yeah i totally have an e text book and it’s great


Me; The arrow keys don’t work

Me: so you should make an app

Friend: 😀

Friend: seriusly though, people constantly talk to me about crap like that… drives me insane

Me: seriuosly though, if you only do work at work, they give up

Me: you have to stop like building robots in your free time

Friend: haha

Friend: I actaully haven’t written any code outside of work since I started here

Me: because work sucks all the fun out of it

Friend: exactly

Friend: I get like… oooh I have this cool idea of a thing to ma… oh my god I’m doing work for fun NOOOOOOOOOOO

Me: you should start a blog

Friend: and then I sit on the couch and binge netflix until I pass out

Me: then you could become internet famous

Me; your blog could just be like stuff you would do if work didn’t suck all the life out of you

Me: also, it could involve gifs

Friend: but could it involve jif-gifs?

Me: yeah i don’t get it

Friend: never mind then… pronounciation + peanutbutter joke

Me: peanut butter is delicious

Friend: agreed.





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