Fundraising Failure

In my last semester of undergrad, getting all excited to get out of there, I had all these wild ideas about everything I was going to do with my new found time (yeah, right) and freedom.

I was going to:

  • Continue with my math research just for funsies
  • Actually date
  • Get back into swimming
  • Be a regular yoga-er
  • Make meal plans and cook and just generally eat awesomely
  • Get my cat back from my parents
  • Read a ton, join a book group (or three)
  • Stop picking (google “dermatillomania”)
  • Stay in super close touch will all of my college friends
  • Volunteer regularly
  • Travel a bunch
  • Become a runner

Some of these things I have accomplished, some I am working on.  Some are hopeless, at least for the time being.  Something I find really funny: in your senior year, all sorts of people ask you what you’re going to do with all the free time you’ll have once you graduate.  I would like to know: was that a joke?  They never asked it like a joke, but there is way more free time in college than out of it.  Like just take naps, for example.  There was time to NAP in college.  Now that is just a mystical word reserved for a Sunday afternoon approximately once every six months.  Seriously.  This is not funny.  I want my heightened hopes back.  And my randomly timed snoozes.


Anyway, you will notice that many of my items involve being more active.  And I have done pretty well on that part, overall.  One thing I also promised myself was that if I followed through with the more active stuff, I was not going to ask people for money all the time.  A lot of rides and runs and triathons involve fundraising, and I decided I was only going to ask people for money once a year.  One event.  Everything else, I’d register, make a small donation, and call it quits.  No bombardment.  So my one thing is the MN AIDS Walk, like it has been for the past several years.  Check it out:


Then I started working for a non-profit — Be The Match (  And we have a 5k.  And I’m going to do it.  And true to my promise, I made my fundraising goal low enough that if I didn’t get any support, I’d just make the donation myself.  But I do want to consider at least putting this out there, not actually for your wallet’s sake, but to raise awareness about the company and what we do.  If you’re young enough, you should seriously consider getting on the registry (see the link above).  If you’re older, you might consider making a donation…  possibly through my 5k participation…  just a suggestion…  Be The Match Walk+Run


So there you have it.  I broke my rule.  Now if only I could nap that disappointment off.


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