Why Allegiant Ruined the Divergent Series

There is such a thing as voice.  In the literary sense.  People have them (in the reality sense).  Characters have them (in the literary sense, again).

You know who doesn’t have a voice?  Tobias in Allegiant, when Veronica Roth suddenly switches to a dual narratorship.  Turns out, Four’s voice is the exact same as Tris’s.  So much so, that you actually have to go back to the beginning of a chapter some times to figure out who is narrating.

You know who else doesn’t have a voice?  Natalie.  Less air time as Tobias, but same story.

I am all for getting young people to read and think and I think this whole YA dystopian fad is pretty legit on this front.  I’m just more for good writing.

(rant over)

But seriously, get this book from the library or borrow it or buy it used, because it is so not worth it otherwise.

(rant really over)


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