Smell You Later

For a long while now, I have thought that my therapist’s office has a distinct smell.  Not bad, at all, but also subtle.  I long ago concluded that it must be a soap or lotion or detergent my therapist uses, because it’s super subtle, only really in her room, and generally clean-ish smelling.

Today, at work, I went to the bathroom.  (This happens most days.)  At work, we have one of those offices where the lady’s room always has some smelly lotion somebody has left for general consumption.  Sometimes we have flowers, too.  (I checked with a male coworker, and the guys do have the flowers, but no lotions.)  Today, there was a new lotion: Cedarwood and sage.  It caught my eye because in contrast to most of the lotions we cycle through, it was branded more utilitarian and “fresh” than overly flowered.  It was also in a container that implied it might be a thicker lotion, and using it might therefore result in nice moisturizing rather than a hand-based slip-and-slide oily experience.  In other words, both my nose and my keyboard would likely survive the use of this lotion.

So I took a minuscule amount.  It was, indeed, a nice consistency.  And it smelled exactly like my therapist’s office.  So much so that I am almost a little teary this afternoon, having conditioned myself into crying whenever I smell this smell.

…This is one of those occasions where I am experiencing a major minor victory, (minor in that it has no real consequences, major in that the identify of this smell has been bugging me for years — so the win is super sweet, with no real ramifications), and it means absolutely nothing to anybody else.


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