Cats on Sats 10/4


This is my heart cat. Even though I only possess a head in this photo.


Cats on Sats 3/29

Last night I had a long saga of a dream in which my mom died.  It was traumatic — you know how dream emotion might as well be real emotion?  This was one upsetting dream.  But after I woke up, it was also hilarious.  You see, my first (and second and third) major emotional upheavals in this dream were all about my mom having died and the grief surrounding that.

But eventually the dream morphed, as dreams do, and the major concern was that my dad was now responsible for feeding my two cats and my sister’s cat, Wrigley.  They were all supposed to get different food at different times and not eat each others and basically, it was a very complicated feeding regime, as such things often are when there are multiple animals involved.

Also, we lived in this weird warehouse-type structure that mostly consisted of fire-escape-like stairs, platforms, and metal grating.  That is beside the point.

The point is that the major upheaval in this last part of the dream was that MY DAD WAS NOT FEEDING THE CATS CORRECTLY.

You know what he was feeding them?  Refried beans and potato chips.

Worse, he was letting them eat each other’s.


The idiocy of Dream Dad displeases us.

The idiocy of Dream Dad displeases us.