A Life Philosophy: Thursdays are the Worst Days

I have ants.  Again.  Badly:

Hello, friends!

Hello, friends!


This is partly a result of my cats being messy eaters and partly a result of my weekends-only-dish-doing (working grad student, that’s how it goes!) and partly a result of it being way too cold to take out the recycling.


It should be noted, however, that I have enough ants that I brought some to work with me today.  This is gross.


Why don’t cats eat ants?  I have seen Simon eat a live millipede.  And Ruby chases everything, including water drops in the shower (post-shower, of course)!  Ants must taste bad or something.


I recently made a gingerbread house with a friend.  It’s super cute.  Look:

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 6.14.51 PM

Luckily, I insisted she’d take it home (because Ruby would probably lick it, which is true).  Of course, had I kept it, she’d probably now be licking ants.





After a whole month without.  I sound extra whiny when I say such things, but seriously, finals week was difficult.


I also have this lovely beast:


Sleeping on Eric's bedding for the week, thus ensuring he (Eric) gets hives.

Sleeping on Eric’s bedding for the week, thus ensuring he (Eric) gets hives.

Here’s to a Year

I graduated college (undergrad) a year ago this weekend.  And it has been a HUGE year.  My life is not so incredibly unpredictable, but here are the things I may have not believed and/or been skeptical about a year ago:

  • I have lived in three places in the last year, and living by myself is by far the best solution.
  • I can survive a month without internet and still be a (somewhat unreliable) blogger.
  • I have a blog!  …I used to be firmly opposed to this concept.
  • I own: a bed, a bedroom set, a futon, a table, a full set of pots and pans, a kitchen aid mixer, and a CAR.  As well as insurance plans protecting all of the above.
  • It’s okay to work a job you hate to make longer term plans work out.  Similarly, you don’t have to give up all of yourself to do so.  Just your soul.
  • Running is something that feels good.
  • I can legit get legally married in this state, as well as over ten others.
  • Internet dating is not always super sketchy.  But it is terribly time-consuming.  But it’s also a great place to find book clubs.
  • Fruit is better than chocolate.  Almost.
  • I am in grad school, and I’m not sure if it’s a life plan or a hobby or something in between, and that’s okay.
  • I only see my friends once or twice a month, rather than at every meal, and we’re okay.  Similarly, there are other friends I haven’t seen in months, and we’re still tight.  The internet makes a hell of a difference.
  • Action figures have a purpose that is not frowned upon: desk toys.
  • Not wearing jeans every day, will, in fact, kill me.  Luckily, there’s always some point in the day to pull them out.
  • All baked goods can be made in a pie pan.
  • Smart phones are useful.  Still annoying, but useful.
  • I need a larger filing box.  But also, doing my own taxes was not hard.  Budgeting, however, can be difficult.
  • There is never enough time.  This one is funny because when you graduate, everybody’s like, “Think of all the time you’re going to have!  Yeah, you’ll work, but then you’ll have these evenings and weekends just to do whatever you want!”  They were crazy.  If they don’t have enough time, why would my life be any different?
  • You can legit ask a waiter for the wine “closest to juice” — it may not be the fanciest way to go about ordering wine, but it is sincerely effective.
  • People think you are just a generic “twenty-something.”  Your face does not brand you as “super young” the way freshmen are branded in school.
  • Sleeping past seven is sleeping in.  Even on the weekends.
  • Coffee is not always disgusting.  And tea, in fact, is pleasant.

Why I Needed to Move

So I moved in the last few weeks or so.  Living by yourself is basically the AWESOMEST EVER.  Everybody is always like, “Yeah, it’s nice.”  And it is nice.  But they generally neglect to show the full enthusiasm demanded by the situation.



This is not even all of them.  There are 3.5 more boxes.

This is not even all of them. There are 3.5 more boxes.

I now live four blocks further from Barnes and Noble.



Sunday in the Airport

There is so much land in Texas.


Like, so much land.


Also, the weather here currently is not too much better than Minnesota, except the air’s on.


My sister graduated.  That was cool.  It is Mother’s day.


Fedex tried to deliver me a package while I was gone, so that will need dealing with.  But then I will have a futon!


What color(s) should I paint my apartment?