Cats on Sats 3/29

Last night I had a long saga of a dream in which my mom died.  It was traumatic — you know how dream emotion might as well be real emotion?  This was one upsetting dream.  But after I woke up, it was also hilarious.  You see, my first (and second and third) major emotional upheavals in this dream were all about my mom having died and the grief surrounding that.

But eventually the dream morphed, as dreams do, and the major concern was that my dad was now responsible for feeding my two cats and my sister’s cat, Wrigley.  They were all supposed to get different food at different times and not eat each others and basically, it was a very complicated feeding regime, as such things often are when there are multiple animals involved.

Also, we lived in this weird warehouse-type structure that mostly consisted of fire-escape-like stairs, platforms, and metal grating.  That is beside the point.

The point is that the major upheaval in this last part of the dream was that MY DAD WAS NOT FEEDING THE CATS CORRECTLY.

You know what he was feeding them?  Refried beans and potato chips.

Worse, he was letting them eat each other’s.


The idiocy of Dream Dad displeases us.

The idiocy of Dream Dad displeases us.


Mmmm… Peanut Butter

I recently quit my job.  13 days ago, in fact.  Tomorrow is my last day.  To commemorate that, here is a gem of a post-4 pm IM conversation.


Me: <quote about SharePoint 2013 finally letting you copy/paste into rich text editors>


Friend: but.  no design tab on SPD.

Me: but copy paste

Me: it’s like they’ve embraced 10 years ago

Friend: look at these NEW FEATURES

Friend: oh and we heard that ‘apps’ was a cool word, so we started calling everything an ‘app’

Me: it already was apps

Me; except we said applications

Me: which is way more intimidating

Friend: yeah, that’s too technical for a business user

Friend: they can’t think of how an application could work.  but an app… they’ve got ideas there

Friend: do you happen to have that friend

Friend: who always has a cool mobile app idea

Firend: and wants you to help them

Me: I am that friend

Friend: I feel like you’re not exactly that friend… you might actually have a legitimate idea

Me: yeah but i don’t want to do it myself

Friend: my friends are like ‘we should make an app for text books for students’

Me; your friends sound boring

Friend: And I’m like… you mean.. like the thing that’s already been done.  by a team of people. who are way better at what they do than me?

Me: yeah i totally have an e text book and it’s great


Me; The arrow keys don’t work

Me: so you should make an app

Friend: 😀

Friend: seriusly though, people constantly talk to me about crap like that… drives me insane

Me: seriuosly though, if you only do work at work, they give up

Me: you have to stop like building robots in your free time

Friend: haha

Friend: I actaully haven’t written any code outside of work since I started here

Me: because work sucks all the fun out of it

Friend: exactly

Friend: I get like… oooh I have this cool idea of a thing to ma… oh my god I’m doing work for fun NOOOOOOOOOOO

Me: you should start a blog

Friend: and then I sit on the couch and binge netflix until I pass out

Me: then you could become internet famous

Me; your blog could just be like stuff you would do if work didn’t suck all the life out of you

Me: also, it could involve gifs

Friend: but could it involve jif-gifs?

Me: yeah i don’t get it

Friend: never mind then… pronounciation + peanutbutter joke

Me: peanut butter is delicious

Friend: agreed.




Here’s to a Year

I graduated college (undergrad) a year ago this weekend.  And it has been a HUGE year.  My life is not so incredibly unpredictable, but here are the things I may have not believed and/or been skeptical about a year ago:

  • I have lived in three places in the last year, and living by myself is by far the best solution.
  • I can survive a month without internet and still be a (somewhat unreliable) blogger.
  • I have a blog!  …I used to be firmly opposed to this concept.
  • I own: a bed, a bedroom set, a futon, a table, a full set of pots and pans, a kitchen aid mixer, and a CAR.  As well as insurance plans protecting all of the above.
  • It’s okay to work a job you hate to make longer term plans work out.  Similarly, you don’t have to give up all of yourself to do so.  Just your soul.
  • Running is something that feels good.
  • I can legit get legally married in this state, as well as over ten others.
  • Internet dating is not always super sketchy.  But it is terribly time-consuming.  But it’s also a great place to find book clubs.
  • Fruit is better than chocolate.  Almost.
  • I am in grad school, and I’m not sure if it’s a life plan or a hobby or something in between, and that’s okay.
  • I only see my friends once or twice a month, rather than at every meal, and we’re okay.  Similarly, there are other friends I haven’t seen in months, and we’re still tight.  The internet makes a hell of a difference.
  • Action figures have a purpose that is not frowned upon: desk toys.
  • Not wearing jeans every day, will, in fact, kill me.  Luckily, there’s always some point in the day to pull them out.
  • All baked goods can be made in a pie pan.
  • Smart phones are useful.  Still annoying, but useful.
  • I need a larger filing box.  But also, doing my own taxes was not hard.  Budgeting, however, can be difficult.
  • There is never enough time.  This one is funny because when you graduate, everybody’s like, “Think of all the time you’re going to have!  Yeah, you’ll work, but then you’ll have these evenings and weekends just to do whatever you want!”  They were crazy.  If they don’t have enough time, why would my life be any different?
  • You can legit ask a waiter for the wine “closest to juice” — it may not be the fanciest way to go about ordering wine, but it is sincerely effective.
  • People think you are just a generic “twenty-something.”  Your face does not brand you as “super young” the way freshmen are branded in school.
  • Sleeping past seven is sleeping in.  Even on the weekends.
  • Coffee is not always disgusting.  And tea, in fact, is pleasant.