Here’s to a Year

I graduated college (undergrad) a year ago this weekend.  And it has been a HUGE year.  My life is not so incredibly unpredictable, but here are the things I may have not believed and/or been skeptical about a year ago:

  • I have lived in three places in the last year, and living by myself is by far the best solution.
  • I can survive a month without internet and still be a (somewhat unreliable) blogger.
  • I have a blog!  …I used to be firmly opposed to this concept.
  • I own: a bed, a bedroom set, a futon, a table, a full set of pots and pans, a kitchen aid mixer, and a CAR.  As well as insurance plans protecting all of the above.
  • It’s okay to work a job you hate to make longer term plans work out.  Similarly, you don’t have to give up all of yourself to do so.  Just your soul.
  • Running is something that feels good.
  • I can legit get legally married in this state, as well as over ten others.
  • Internet dating is not always super sketchy.  But it is terribly time-consuming.  But it’s also a great place to find book clubs.
  • Fruit is better than chocolate.  Almost.
  • I am in grad school, and I’m not sure if it’s a life plan or a hobby or something in between, and that’s okay.
  • I only see my friends once or twice a month, rather than at every meal, and we’re okay.  Similarly, there are other friends I haven’t seen in months, and we’re still tight.  The internet makes a hell of a difference.
  • Action figures have a purpose that is not frowned upon: desk toys.
  • Not wearing jeans every day, will, in fact, kill me.  Luckily, there’s always some point in the day to pull them out.
  • All baked goods can be made in a pie pan.
  • Smart phones are useful.  Still annoying, but useful.
  • I need a larger filing box.  But also, doing my own taxes was not hard.  Budgeting, however, can be difficult.
  • There is never enough time.  This one is funny because when you graduate, everybody’s like, “Think of all the time you’re going to have!  Yeah, you’ll work, but then you’ll have these evenings and weekends just to do whatever you want!”  They were crazy.  If they don’t have enough time, why would my life be any different?
  • You can legit ask a waiter for the wine “closest to juice” — it may not be the fanciest way to go about ordering wine, but it is sincerely effective.
  • People think you are just a generic “twenty-something.”  Your face does not brand you as “super young” the way freshmen are branded in school.
  • Sleeping past seven is sleeping in.  Even on the weekends.
  • Coffee is not always disgusting.  And tea, in fact, is pleasant.

Why Precision and Recall Keep Me Calm

If you Google Image Search my full name, like this: “firstName lastName”


…A picture of Brian from his semester abroad comes up approximately three pages before an actual picture of me.


So no worries here.  Most of the pictures concern Kelsey Grammer anyway.  Between Kelsey Grammer and Brian, I am suddenly far less concerned about another McCarthy era than I should be.



Why Rehearsal Space Matters

I am in a concert band that rehearses in a middle school.  Here is a gem I found yesterday:







haha! you and i have been through tough times together, but we always get through them.  We are the type of people who couldn’t stay mad at each other — and become friends again right away!  haha!

You are so pretty and nice and Hilarious! you are probably the funniest person ever.  Gosh, we have so much fun together!


Love you 🙂

happy valentines day!

Love Minnie ❤

Why It’s Better to Adopt Animals That Come With Their Names, Part 2

I have been planning on moving and getting a cat when my lease is up.


This leads to a lot of daydreaming about this potential cat.  And a lot of name brainstorming.


Right now, I am feeling pretty confident about naming my cat “Matthew Brian.”


It should be noted that Brian, as in BFF Brian, has a middle name of “Matthew.”  Also, he totally approves.



Why I No Longer Have a BFF

Brian has retitled himself.

Me: I want to make a gingerbread house

Brian: Mmmm, that’d be fun.
Brian:  You should do it at work and when someone complains just say that it’s work related and that your second level co supervisor told you to do it

Me: …and what else would my second level co-supervisor have me do?

Brian: Buy a soft serve ice cream machine.  By the time anyone realizes that the position is fictitious everyone will be so hooked on the ice cream, it won’t matter!
Brian: Mostly because you’re gonna lace it with just a tiny bit of opium.

How to Get to Neverland

I have figured out the secret to being a kid forever, and let me tell you, it is super simple.  No arduous quests for the fountain of youth, no decaying portraits in the attic — no, the secret to retaining your youthful days forever comes in a box and costs less than five dollars…


The day you stop loving Shape Mac & Cheese is the day your childhood dies.


I was reminded of this today when I received a package at work.  An internal, from-somewhere-else-in-the-company package.  From my college roommate, who works at the same company.  In college, we figured out how to make Mac & Cheese in her hot water heater, meaning we could make it whenever we wanted without having to leave the comfort of our overcrowded dorm room.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves, and rightly so.  Mac & Cheese is just about the ultimate comfort food, and on top of that, something about eating it in cartoon noodle form makes it not only taste better, but also makes the whole world shine just a little brighter like it did when you were seven.



Sometimes, you have goals in life, like “figure out how to be an adult without it killing me,” and sometimes, people have your back when it comes to meeting those goals.