Quitting Time!

In 4 days, I will have been at my current (first real adult) job for 1 year.


And just when I was thinking that maybe my plan would be to make it the second year, then go gain some library experience, Compliance announces that they’re cutting off “access to personal web email on a Company-owned laptop or desktop device.”




Not cool, man.  Also, it’s not clear if I will still be able to get to Google Calendar.


Ok, so this is just my initial reaction, and I know smart phones change a lot, and also, my reaction is totally Millenial.  Which is not to say baby boomers and those in-between are not equally irritated about the change, but the extent to which I feel that this is my life being infringed upon is informed by (1) the technical environment in which I was raised and (2) the stereotypical values of my generation, including autonomy and emphasis on personal life.


Which is to say: Email is integral to my life, as I’m sure it is to most of yours.  Almost all of my money is handled online, with email being a big part of that.  My legal notifications are through email (taxes, dmv, etc).  Heck, even my “prescription ready” notifications are emailed to me.  It sounds dramatic, but there are actual ramifications to limiting and censoring internet access.  And this isn’t even questionable content — it’s limiting basic communication that people are expected to have.  We talk about this a lot in school — free internet, including access to email, is a huge reason that libraries are increasingly important, especially as more moves online.  People need access to that method of communication to live their lives equitibly.  Limiting internet access is limiting access to basic services.


So I’m irked.  Because even if they mean well, for the best interests of the company, it’s censorship.  And we already tolerate a fair bit of censorship for the company — social media, suggestive content, etc.  Those things make some more sense, and probably are not going to impact your life to the same extent.  But without email, my life — possibly my financial capability, my legal status, even my health — is actually impacted.


This is the world in which we live, and as it is a new world, we can decide what we will tolerate and where right and wrong lie.


P.S.  It is also bogus that I can’t check my email, but I will still be able to write a blog.  Just saying.


P.P.S.  Mom, relax.  I’m not making an rash decisions.  I’m just evaluating my belief system as a young adult in the world.





After a whole month without.  I sound extra whiny when I say such things, but seriously, finals week was difficult.


I also have this lovely beast:


Sleeping on Eric's bedding for the week, thus ensuring he (Eric) gets hives.

Sleeping on Eric’s bedding for the week, thus ensuring he (Eric) gets hives.

How to Make Good Money

This morning I am working from home so that I can go to a handful of apartment showings throughout the day.


At my first showing, the guy was doing his whole spiel and was like, “You have to make two and a half times what rent is monthly.”


And I was like, “That’ll be fine.”


And since I am a young person that had already divulged the basic details of my life (a year out of school, basically), he was like, “How much do you make?”


So I told him, and he was like, “DO YOU WANT TO BUY THE PLACE?”


Meaning the whole building.  As a joke.  But like, seriously man, just cuz I’m young doesn’t mean I’m broke.  I know ’bout computers.  People who know ’bout computers are paid what looks like ridiculous sums of money in some lights, but then when you think about it, you realize that unlike with sports, nobody else is willing to do the computer thing while everybody wants it, so I feel pretty justified.


Anyway, I finished that showing and went back home.  To work.  Where the VPN into work is down, and has been since I got up at 6 and tried to start working in my bed.  Every half an hour or so, I call the hotline that tells me that yep, it’s still down.  Forced personal day?  I think so.



Why Blog Writing is Ruining My Life

There are too many weekend days where I wake up between 9 and 10 and go, “Oh man.  I need a blog post.”  And then I don’t get out of bed for a few hours (homework!  I’m doing homework!) and suddenly I’m totally late for the day.


Plus, it doesn’t really matter what you put on the internet, somebody is doing it better.


Love this.

Why Precision and Recall Keep Me Calm

If you Google Image Search my full name, like this: “firstName lastName”


…A picture of Brian from his semester abroad comes up approximately three pages before an actual picture of me.


So no worries here.  Most of the pictures concern Kelsey Grammer anyway.  Between Kelsey Grammer and Brian, I am suddenly far less concerned about another McCarthy era than I should be.