Where I’ve Been

Besides becoming increasingly unreliable in the blog-o-sphere (and, accordingly, maybe providing myself inadequate as a librarian — librarians love blogging, far more than normal people), I have been:




  • Losing mercilessly to my parents on FitBit
  • Preparing for these guys to come talk at my school in October
  • Getting my two cats better acquainted by pulling them both into a giant cat hug on a regular basis
  • Fighting the fly infestation in my apartment
  • Turning 24
  • Coping with the fact that 24 is like a way more mature feeling number than 23
  • Sleeping like there’s no morning, rather than living like there’s no tomorrow
  • Watching Orange is the New Black
  • Feeling approximately 12 again from the extent to which The Bone Season is pulling me in
  • Checking off every 15 minutes at work to make it through the day
  • Learning the difference between dependent and independent variables for at least the 6th time in my education
  • Forgetting to call everybody back
  • Going outside
  • Riding my bike after dark while being decked out in lights and reflectors to the point that I am the brightest thing on the road

…and starting squabbles between my parents by texting them pictures of baby bunnies:


Me: (with picture of baby bunny) Look what I found

Dad: Kill it!  Kill it with fire!

Mom: Robert! That is exactly the kind of comment that makese me not want to spend the weekend with you


New Definition of Lazy

I’m taking the day off today, but one of my roommates had really figured out the whole “exert no effort” thing…




Why Blog Writing is Ruining My Life

There are too many weekend days where I wake up between 9 and 10 and go, “Oh man.  I need a blog post.”  And then I don’t get out of bed for a few hours (homework!  I’m doing homework!) and suddenly I’m totally late for the day.


Plus, it doesn’t really matter what you put on the internet, somebody is doing it better.


Love this.

How to Plan for the After Life

Has it ever occurred to you that some of the seven deadly sins are much better than others?  I’m not talking from a moral standpoint.  I’m talking about practically.  Most of the deadly sins have an upside to them.  For example:

  • Gluttony:  You crave and accordingly eat yummy, yummy things and lots of them.
  • Greed: Again, you crave and get lots of stuff you probably like.  Yes, there’s that whole “money can’t by happiness” thing, but you know what money can buy?  A yacht.  An army of trained squirrels.  The silence of others.  All that food you need for your gluttonous sin.
  • Sloth: If you’re thinking sloth sounds bad, ask yourself — are you really opposed to pajama days?
  • Lust:  There is that whole getting laid thing.  Most people are pretty cool with that.
  • Pride: Being proud plain old feels good.  Also, it is often associated with rainbows.  Win-win.
  • Wrath: To be honest, anger makes a lot of things happen.  According to movies and other popular media, wrath might also sometimes be a good sin to mix with lust.  If you want to be more moral about it, though, you could just combine your wrath with sloth.  Then you’re essentially living the life of all those dumb people that get into rage fights on internet posts, and they certainly seem to get a kick out of that.

But you know what sin really doesn’t have an upside?  Envy.  Envy sucks.  I mean, you don’t really gain anything with envy except a solid sense of inadequacy.  Unless you’re really into green eyes.

So plan wisely, fellow miscreants. 



How to Make the Best Food in the World

At my college of choice, a magical little place in rural Minnesota with a striking resemblance to Hogwarts, I learned what my favorite food in the world is.  Our caf service (consistently ranked in the top five college cafs yearly, by the way) dubbed it “Gado gado” but if you google “gado gado” it looks like that generally refers to a cold sliced up vegetables style salad with a peanut sauce.  Gado Gado in our Grains line meant curried vegetables with a peanut sauce and then some other cold things on top.

After much research and experimentation, I have figured out how to recreate this experience.  Here we go…

How to Make the Food of Your Dreams

Curried vegetables:
Roughly follow this recipe.
Except very roughly, because the correct vegetables for Gado Gado are carrots, cauliflower, green beans, and potatoes.  And the recipe will still totally work if you buy everything frozen.  And don’t have lime juice.  And there’s no cilantro in Gado Gado.  Really, the key to this is getting a good curry powder.  And not forgetting the tomato paste.


Also, that particular kitchen utensil is superior to all others. Perhaps I will write about that sometime.

Peanut sauce:

Go with this recipe, which, you will note, tells you to experiment anyway, so do that.

Gado Gado is served with the curried vegetables warm, topped with the peanut sauce warm, topped with the following things cold:
– Chopped cucumbers
– Chopped tomatoes
– Fried onions like it’s a green bean casserole
– Crumbled hard boiled egg




Unfortunately, when made at home, one still has to do the dishes.