Where I’ve Been

Besides becoming increasingly unreliable in the blog-o-sphere (and, accordingly, maybe providing myself inadequate as a librarian — librarians love blogging, far more than normal people), I have been:




  • Losing mercilessly to my parents on FitBit
  • Preparing for these guys to come talk at my school in October
  • Getting my two cats better acquainted by pulling them both into a giant cat hug on a regular basis
  • Fighting the fly infestation in my apartment
  • Turning 24
  • Coping with the fact that 24 is like a way more mature feeling number than 23
  • Sleeping like there’s no morning, rather than living like there’s no tomorrow
  • Watching Orange is the New Black
  • Feeling approximately 12 again from the extent to which The Bone Season is pulling me in
  • Checking off every 15 minutes at work to make it through the day
  • Learning the difference between dependent and independent variables for at least the 6th time in my education
  • Forgetting to call everybody back
  • Going outside
  • Riding my bike after dark while being decked out in lights and reflectors to the point that I am the brightest thing on the road

…and starting squabbles between my parents by texting them pictures of baby bunnies:


Me: (with picture of baby bunny) Look what I found

Dad: Kill it!  Kill it with fire!

Mom: Robert! That is exactly the kind of comment that makese me not want to spend the weekend with you


Why Attendance Records are Overrated

I haven’t written in ten days, and I’m still planning on taking the next week off.  There’s just too much real life going on right now, with moving and graduations (other people’s, not mine) and finals and work and snow and car adventures and really, who in their right mind is in three book clubs?


Anyway, look for me in May.  My goal for return is May 1, although my steadfast deadline is May 4 (which is the first weekend, and also the day I have a big project due, so a bit more likely than the first of the month).


I have, however, found it very interesting that in the past ten days, my readership has not altered dramatically.  I mean, I don’t get any likes or comments or anything because there’s nothing new, but just as many people are looking at my blog as normally are when I’m posting every day.  I’m not sure if I should be slightly offended by the notion that my posting apparently makes no real impact in terms of my gathering readers, or if I should be delighted that I have put enough nonsense on the internet that there are people investigating it without novelty prompting them to do so.

How to Evaluate Sources

I have a presentation in my class this evening.  This weekend I was doing research for said presentation and came across an article talking about the webinars put on by the organization my presentation is about.  It was talking about how when their webinar program started in 2008, participation was $25 a computer, and you could put as many people in front of that computer as you want.  Additionally, at that time, the currency rate was such that the 25 US dollars translated to just 1 Canadian dollar.

Then it said, “It doesn’t take a math degree, or even an MLIS, to know that’s a good deal.”

You guys.  I have a math degree.  I am working on my MLIS.  In half a sentence, this article discredited my entire academic career.  …I picked a different source to use.

How to Live Your Dreams

I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up.  I have, however, stopped saying “if I grow up,” because this whole growing up thing feels pretty inevitable — no matter how much I protest, it’s happening.


This is concerning because I’m starting school again, for my MLIS.  (That’s a library degree you guys.  And based on my first two assignments alone, I am willing to bet you have no idea – like I had no idea a few days ago – how totally complicated libraries and the realm of information are.)  I love school.  I’m pretty dang sure I want this degree.  …I haven’t exactly figured out what I want to do with it, though.  I need a specialty, an area of concentration, and then a plan based on that.  And likely, to wait for somebody to die for a job to open up.


Here are some things I know I do want:

  • a cat in June.  That is so happening.
  • to stay in Minnesota for the foreseeable future
  • to continue to write a superior blog to my sister’s
  • my siblings to see their dreams realized


I have no idea what this last point means for Eric, but for Megan, it should be very entertaining.


For a very long time, Megan wanted to be a dalmatian when she grew up.

For a very long time, Megan wanted to be a dalmatian when she grew up.

How Academia Can Deplete Common Sense

Here is a convo with my BFF*, Brian.


Brian: Also, there is a “scientific” personality/HP** house sorting test online that I just found
Me: Yeah whatever I always get Ravenclaw no matter what.  Also my phone knows about that word.  It’s a sign.
Brian: Bahahahaha, it probably also knows the rest… And this questionnaire is 120 questions long!  It’s my break from studying..
Me: Why don’t you just join pottermore?
Brian: Because this is a one time thing.  Also, I know nothing about pottermore other than it exists
Me: I have been on pottermore one time so your argument is invalid.
Brian: Don’t you have to register and shit though?  I hate doing stuff like that


* Except for HP, because, you know, me and HP go waaaay back.

** In a previous post, I used the abbreviation HP to mean “Harry Potter” – obviously – and my dad commented that he was confused because he thought it meant Hewlett-Packard.  Brian confessed to the same confusion.  Just not on the internet.  Until now.